Walking Tour of Andorra La Vella in 4K | Andorra Travel Vlog

Andorra is an unbelievably scenic European microstate nestled in the Pyrenees between Spain and France. This Walking Tour of Andorra La Vella in 4K takes you through some of the major landmarks of the Andorran city Andorra la Vella. Highlights of this Andorra La Vella walking tour include the Mercat de Nadal Christmas market at Plaça Del Poble, historic buildings such as Església de Sant Esteve and Casa de la Vall and the splendidly displayed surrealist work The Nobility of Time Salvador Dali.

During this Andorra travel vlog we be your Andorra travel guide and let you in on some of the unusual Catalan traditions of this region including Fer Cagar El Tio. We will also provide some helpful tips for planning your next Andorra trip. This Andorra virtual tour will show you the best place to shop in Andorra and where to find the best spa in Europe.

This video has captions in multiple languages.

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0:00 Introduction to Andorra travel vlog: Walking Tour of Andorra La Vella in 4k
0:10 Casa de la Vall
0:48 Where is the capital of Andorra?
0:56 About Andorra
1:20 The old town of Andorra la Vella
1:56 Església de Sant Esteve Andorra la Vella
2:28 What languages are spoken in Andorra?
2:47 European Christmas markets in Andorra: Poble de Nadal Christmas village at Plaça del Poble
4:04 Fer cagar el tió: Catalan Christmas tradition
5:03 The Principality of Andorra
6:00 The coat of arms of Andorra and the flag of Andorra
6:30 7 Poetes Andorra la Vella
6:51 The geography of Andorra la Vella
7:23 Population size of Andorra
7:38 Where to get covid tests in Andorra
8:11 Covid requirements for Andorra 2021
9:09 Where is the bus stop in Andorra la Vella?
10:03 Transport to Andorra
10:54 River La Valira Andorra la Vella
11:09 Hiking in Andorra
11:38 Weather in Andorra in December
12:17 Where to find Magical selfie spots for the best photos in Andorra
13:05 Tourism in Andorra – what to do in Andorra
14:44 Where to stay in Andorra: accommodation in Andorra
15:34 Thermal spa in Andorra
15:56 Subscribe to Bucket List Travellers YouTube travel channel
16:24 Andorra la Vella visitor center
16:41 Restaurants in Andorra: What to eat in Andorra
17:20 The Nobility of Time statue by Salvador Dali Andorra
17:50 The Shopping Mile Andorra la Vella Andorra
18:31 Minimalist Travel: Travelling Carry On Only
19:50 Christmas lights in Andorra
20:18 Pedestrian traffic lights in Andorra
20:50 Car parks in Andorra la Vella
21:08 Caldea Spa

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