Nokia G11 Unboxing & Tour | Budget Bargain

Unboxing the Nokia G11 budget smartphone, with a full hands-on review including camera samples, gaming tests with Call of Duty Mobile and more. This cheap as soggy chips phone costs just £120 in the UK and is one of the best options for long battery life. Of course, the specs are quite basic like the G21, but the Nokia G11 is pretty good for streaming shows, browsing the web and so on.

Sadly the camera tech is very basic, so that shouldn’t be one of your priorities, while the audio pickup ain’t great either. Still, the Nokia G11 can just about handle some light gaming on the side. Plus you have expandable storage, a headphone jack and a lovely stock version of Android. Oh, but it IS Android 11 still, for now at least.

So are you tempted by this budget smartphone? For 2022, this is decent value, as long as you know its limitations. Check out my hands-on review with the Nokia G21 for more cheap handset action!

Nokia G11 Unboxing Chapters:
0:00 – A smashing intro
0:44 – What’s in the box?
1:29 – Design
2:33 – Android & features
4:35 – Display & audio
6:21 – Performance & gaming test
7:56 – Battery life
8:37 – Cameras
10:35 – Byyyeeeee


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