***Make Christmas for everyone with Dunnes Stores***

Keep an eye out for Finnegan’s Potatoes coming to a Dunnes Stores near you. John and Cathal walk us through the process of the potatoes being packed into a range of shapes and sizes.

We have been supplying Dunnes Stores with potatoes for well over a decade now. We would like to thank John Shelbourne Haulage for his reliable and dependable 5 star haulage service. He makes sure that all deliveries arrive to the distribution centre on time. Thanks to Dennigans for looking after our orders every day and not forgetting all the Dunnes Stores in Ireland who take in our products and place them out on the shop floor for the consumer to buy. We know that we can depend on each and every store manager / floor staff to make sure that our products get to you in the same condition that they leave us ! It’s a whole team effort!

So make sure to keep an eye out for the different products on the shelves in Dunnes Stores. We are looking forward to the Christmas Dinner already.
Make Christmas for everyone with Dunnes Stores!



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