El Centro Tour – Downtown Medellin, Colombia

We are walking through the busy streets of El Centro today.

El Centro is a great place if you want to experience the real Medellín. There is just so much to take in, from the sprawling office towers along Avenida Oriental to the small shops dotting the alleys of El Hueco, you will find a lot of bustling activity throughout the day.

There is also a lot of historical and cultural history found in this sector of the city. El Centro has both one of the largest churches in the world, the oldest church in Medellín, the tallest building in Medellín, sculptures from Colombia’s most famous artist, and so much more.

Prices in El Centro generally trend lower here. If you are looking for the cheapest clothes available, El Centro (and Centro de la Moda in Itagüí) have the lowest prices in the Medellín metro area.


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