Colmar, France Tour | Day Trip from Strasbourg in 4K UHD

SUBSCRIBE ► Explore Colmar, France with this beautiful day trip from Strasbourg. In just a few hours you can explore the beautiful architecture and discover the many hidden treasures of the city.

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The city of Colmar is located in the Alsace region of France. It lies on the west bank of the Ill River. It is an administrative center for Colmar County. The name of the city comes from the German word “Kol” which means “on the riverbank”. The city is known for hosting the annual Internationally recognized Christmas market or “noel”. The Christmas market attracts people from other parts of Europe.

Colmar is a charming, picturesque town of about 68,000 inhabitants in the Alsace region of France. Located on the tip of the Colmar Peninsula, it features a large pedestrian-friendly center with a mixture of architectural styles that date from medieval to modern times.

We took a day trip to Colmar from Strasbourg so you’ll be able to see the exact steps on what it takes to spend a day in Colmar France from our first person perspective.

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0:00 Intro
0:19 Getting to Colmar from Strasbourg
1:13 Arriving in Colmar, France
3:18 Arriving in Historic Colmar, France
5:42 La Petit Venise
6:45 Marché couvert Colmar
8:48 Walking Tour of Colmar
11:49 Final Thoughts

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